Tuesday, 27 October 2015

5 Steps to Solve Your Problems in Sleep!!

Dear Readers,

Well I am a voracious reader of books that teach you how to use your brain more effectively. And I am a big fan of sharing what I learn by reading these books. But always I try to share my own interpretation of it, instead of just copy pasting things from a book. Recently I finished reading Psycho Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz and Silva Mind Control Method by Jose Silva, and there were some great insights into human brain, whereby we can use our sleep to find solutions to nagging problems. So ........... promise to yourself,

The solutions are actually already available to us, we just have to accept them, and open our minds to them so that we can become aware of them, and solve our problems for good.

But what is its connection to sleep, you ask, why cant you tell me the solutions to my problem and I go and implement it, and everything will be fine. The problem is two fold,

  • Firstly, if I give you a ready-made solution there is a good chance that you might not feel the ownership to it, if instead it was something that you have found.
  • Secondly, your mind which has stored each and every one of your experiences so far in your life, knows you much better than anyone else in this world.
So on these two counts, it is always beneficial and long lasting to find your own solutions to your problems.

Let me take you through the process suggested by Jose Silva, albeit with some of my own tweaks, to accomplish this. the process has 5 steps, and they are listed below.

  1. Instruct your mind before going to sleep about the problem you are facing. This means that you define whatever is bothering you as clearly as possible, and then state the problem to your mind. Be very specific. Also list down the benefits you will derive by solving this problem. For a student it may be a particular topic, which after much efforts she is not able to understand. The benefit of understanding it might be increased grades. Remember the benefit is very important!!
  2. Desire a solution to this problem. Now this is easy, we all desire that our life be problem free, and this should not be too difficult for you. But don'd forget to associate your emotions with the benefit you will derive once your problem is solved. For a chronic smoker, this might be the health benefit and a sense of pride and self respect for quitting smoking.
  3. Believe that Infinite Intelligence (II) will guide you to a solution to this problem. Now you need to have faith in yourself, and if that is a problem, have faith in the II, to deliver the solution to you. Actually its your own mind that delivers the solution, but since we don't yet fully comprehend human mind, let the II guide you in this.
  4. Expect to wake up and remember the solution given to you by II, in the morning. Now this is an important step. It is easy so far, but to really expect the solution to happen, is a bit difficult, Well the process of imagination might help you in this, as we have seen in our last post on the subject. Imagine the problem is solved and feel all the benefits you have derived, associate the emotions.
  5. Now go to sleep and try the solution that comes to your mind when you wake up, and if it does not work, repeat the steps from 1 - 4. Now a few things are possible after you go through the process,
    • You get a solution in your first attempt and your problem is solved, voila, you are on your way to a problem free life now!
    • You might get nothing, but don't despair, it takes time to get in touch with you own subconscious mind, but if your desire, believe and expect this to happen, this will surely happen, you just have to try a bit more.
    • You get a solution but the problem still persists, then you might have to do it more and more and perhaps try to define the problem correctly, and be very specific when you do it, if the problem is not well defined so will be the solution.
So now you know, how to solve your problems, without having to consciously ponder over the solution. Without going through the frustrations and tensions. And all this by having a little faith in yourself and sleeping, which you do every night!!

So sleep on it!!