Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Hi all !! Welcome to Get That Amazing Life !!

Dear Readers,

I am thrilled to have you all on my blog. The reason is simple, I am so excited to share my life's story with you. And believe me it is not very different than yours. The actual circumstances might differ, but the challenges I face are nothing different than what you have to in your day to day life. So here goes....

First and foremost let me share a bit about myself, I am an engineer by profession, and the day I graduated out as an engineer (with distinction ;)) I had a plush job offer with an established automobile company. The job was a dream job for many and for me too it was nothing short of a dream come true. And I did not wake up from it, till good long 3 years into my first ever job. 

Then something started changing in my life. I started being unhappy often. My frustration levels started going up. I used to be angry more often than not. And all this tension naturally came out in the form of  myself indulging into binge drinking, and living an insane lifestyle. My health also suffered during this period, I was a good athlete during my college days, but during this period I could not keep up to my own standards. All this had its toll on my family life too, and it was affecting my relationship with my wife.

Then for better or for worse, an old friend came to me with an idea of starting a business and get rid of the frustrations of my job, or so I thought. I thought my job was the reason for my frustrations and being my own boss might relieve me of that. After all if I worked as hard as I worked in my job I would become a millionaire in no time. I was so naive to think like that.

Anyways we started the business, and for almost a decade struggled to even make the ends meet. Wonder where the idea of becoming a millionaire in no time went. During this time I learned that the woman in my life, my wife had as much faith in me as I had in myself. All the struggles I had to go through I had my wife standing by me, supporting me in every decision of mine. Not to forget my friend who faced all the challenges during this period with me.

Naturally when you struggle to succeed for so long, almost a decade, when at the same time your friends are having the best time of their life, it drives you to do some serious introspection, and I did it too. I went through many personal development programs, making money programs, break out of your barrier programs, and much more, I read almost every self development book I could get my hands on, but even after all this I was not making any real progress, somehow the opportunities missed me, sometimes by a mile and at other times by a whisker.

Then one fine day I realized, in many of such moments of deep reflection, that every person is unique and so are his circumstances, and so should be the solutions. So I decided to reapply all the methods and trainings I had gone through, but only this time I just used the broad framework and modified the finer steps as per my understanding of my own situation. I did this for some time and I could see that my circumstances started changing for better. It was not a sudden shift to opulence and wealth, but slowly things started becoming better in my life, be it my financials or my relationships, be it my health or the fact that I was in control of my own time, all aspects of my life started falling in place.

Today I am at least a 1000 times more confident that I will achieve whatever I set my sights on, than I was say a year back. And I want to share how I came to this point in life where I feel that there is abundance of wealth, health, happiness and peace for me in this world, and for that matter for anyone who is ready to receive it.

I know I said that solutions are unique for everyone and that's why I am going to share the general procedure with you which I followed, and also would like to be with you on this journey where you find your own solutions to your problems. 

I would absolutely love to help you Get That Amazing Life, and I will!